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Repairing, Hardfacing and Cast Iron Welding repair-welding-hardfacing


Recuperating components by welding is almost not presently used since it seems easier and faster to substitute damaged ones by new components. Knowledge on repairing existing components is being lost. 

But, we need to consider that, when repairing a component with the right combination of knowledge and materials on the reasons why they failed, we can obtain a component with a much longer life than any new one. 

Download by clicking on the picture some advises on recognizing the reasoons why components fail and, depending on eht materials, how to recuperate them and give them extra life. 








  Welding stainless-steel-weldingStainless Steel 

Stainless steels have great advantages over carbon and low alloyed steels in a wide range of applications. Their mechanical and physical properties are excellent for corrosion and oxidation resistance in the most environments. 

Welding stainless steel needs in some occasions, knowledge about its metallurgical characteristics and how to keep them after the rough heat treatment welding means. 

Download by clicking on the picture a document that will help you toi understand the different kinds of stainless steels and how to weld them to obtain components with plenty of warranty.  


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