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Everything needed to WELD in optimum conditions:

  • Stock of Welding Consumables for almost all alloys and steels 
  • Welding Equipment for Sales and Rent
  • Advising Service to choose the most appropiate products for each particular application
  • Training on Welding Techniques to adapt each choice to the welders, shops and field welding

WELDING PROCESSES - Please ask which one will be the most effective for your application

SMAW Welding (Stick Electrodes):              

  • Electrodes
  • Equipment 
 SAW Welding (Sub Arc):
  • Consumables
  • Equipment

GMAW Welding (MIG/MAG):

  • Wires
  • Equipment

Stud Welding (Stud Welding):

  • Consumables
  • Equipment 

GTAW Welding (TIG):

  • Rods
  • Equipment

Automatic - Mechanized Welding:         

  • Bug-O carriages
  • Automatic Instalations
  • Robotic Instalations
  • Orbital Pipe Welding

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