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Technical Assistance


  • AWS CWI Certification
  • Welding Inspectors
  • Qualifications / Approvals WPS/PQR
  • Welders Qualificatoin

Welding Education distinguishes Solysol from other welding companies: 

What we offer in each assitance to a customer or to a welder, engineering company or an educational center is that each person understands what it is needed in their welding field.

in order to achieve this goal, solysol welding engineers and inspectors have knowledge, continous welding education and long experience applying different international codes and standards for almost each industrial application.

Assisting each one to IMPROVE in the application of the optimum welding process and procedure is the aim of Solysol.  


Click in the picture to get a description of the Responsibilities and Job Description of a Welding Engineer. 

Technical Assistance:
Project your welding job thinking on the optimum solution: 
  • The welding process 
  • The welding procedure
  • The optimum equipment and consumables 
  • The cost and quality results when choosing the different options 
  • We design and apply your WPS (Welding Procedure) according EN, ASME or AWS standards.

AWS, The American Welding Society, is the oldest and most experienced and recognized company for education and recommendations, codes and standards for the safe use of welding as joining process for all kinds of industries. 
We have available from stock all AWS publications to guide customers to succeed in their welding applications.
Solysol also offers complete training and educational programs at different levels, from welders to welding inspectors and engineers.
Each education program is developed in effective way to get the maximum results accomplished in minimum time, when focusing in learning and practicing the different areas.  

Formación Intensiva Soldadores
EDUCATION FOR Welders and Procedure and Welders Qualifications 
If your welders are not prepared enough, we can help them to improve their performance. 

See the following examples of our assistance in education and practical performance improvement:

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