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Exclusive Lincoln Electric Distributor for Arc and Oxifuel Welding and Cutting

Welding Experience to guide Companies and Welders to achieve EXCELLENCE using the most advanced, useful and efficient technologies.



 The Experience, Technology and Leadership of 

Lincoln Electric


Modern European factories meeting all the Quality and Enviromental requirements. The goal is to manufacture the best product for welding: it must be not just a welding wire but THE WIRE (and the products) LINCOLN CONSIDERS WELDERS AND COMPANIES SHOULD USE for best results: QUEALITY, PRODUCTIVITY, EFFICIENCY AND COST. We are in the same boat: We are also MANUFACTURERS


 The widest range of Welding

Products & Services  

Welding Equipment & Consumables:

Stick Electrodes, MIG, TIG, FCAW, SAW

 Educaciont and Technical Advise

Turn key solutions, depending on your needs

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