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To get the CE mark in your manufactured products, you need to meet the requirements of the European Standard ISO/EN 1090. In relation to welded products, this standard will require to meet the standard ISO/EN 3834.


Solysol offers several solutions to meet these standards so you can have CE certified products. 

A Welding Coordinator will have the responsibility in his/her company to certify that welded products meet the quality requirements from the European Standards and also other international standards. 


Solysol offers several alternatives for having a Welding Coordinator in your company: 


  1. Education and Certification of your Welding Coordinator, from the prestigious American Welding Society:

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    2. Subcontracting a Welding Coordinator from Solysol personnel, partial time and according your needs: 

            Model 1: Sporadic Subcontracting

            Model 2: Continuous Subcontracting by paying a monthly or annual fee. 

       Please send your inquiry to receive detailed information: 

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