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After welding is when quality normally becomes an issue.

Quality needs to be watched during the whole process, from the planning.


In some materials and straightened and tensioned  components, Post Weld Heat Treatments must be done before cracking or the materials reduce properties more than desinged.  


Some companies just think of quality onfe the work has been done. This is too late.

Quality is the result of a job well done from the beginning of a project:

  • Desing, bevel preparation, choose the right welding process, having the right welding equipment, counting on reliable, trained and qualified welders, inspection during the whole process, control of temperatures having in mind welding is an abusive heat treatment of the metals and that requires action to avoid damaging effects,... All this will result in a better welded component and will be a must to avoid defects, cracking or even failure of the welded product.

  • All control starts from knowledge and understanding of what is happening during welding. This is why you will all SOLYSOL products and services are brought from education, training and certification of the personnel involved in joining components. With all the information and advise you get from Solysol each person can be ablr to choose the right way of execute the job and/or requiere the needed education and training from us. 

Heat Treatment Induction Equipment:

  • For temperatures of the components up to 788°C (1450°F)
  • Water cooled systems
  • The equipment can also be used for lower Preheating temperatures
  • For Socking treatments to des-hydrogen
  • For Stress Relieving treatments and PWHT
  • For separation of components by heating homogenously
  • Welders can work safely and with comfort while the joint is heated at the right temperature that is kpet uniformly and controlled. preheat and interpass temperature during weldingpwht post weld heat treatment


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