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Technical Assistance Before Welding:

Prepare your Shop, Welders, Equipment and Procedures and get every thing approved according your customers' codes

During Welding:

The optimum combination of welding equipment, consumables and processes

After Welding:

Quality Control and Heat Treatments to assure properties of metals and components

The organization of these pages is based in the same way a company is going to plan its welding work.

  • BEFORE WELDING, it is required that all the people involved has the needed training, education and qualification, if the materials to be welded are prepared to be welded in optimum conditions and according the welding procedures previously approved, and if heat treatment has been also considered in order to keep welded metal properties.
  • DURING WELDING, the most adequate welding process should be considered for application, and of  course, the welding equipment and consumables for each particular case.
  • AFTER WELDING, quality control carried during the whole process will assure the best results. Do not forget the needed post weld heat treatments that should also be applied for some material sor components.

Solysol will deliver everything needed for each step. Through these pages you will find all the services and products SOLYSOL, and especiliazed and expert company in this particular and wide field of welding offers you.


  • Publications and books AWS and James Lincoln Foundation
  • Individual and shop equipment for protection during welding
  • Individual and centralized shop solutions for smoke extraction and cleaning  
  • Cutting, beveling and chamfering equipment for plates, pipes and flanges. Both, sales or renting equipment
  • The most complete range of welding consumables for arc welding, brazing and soldering
  • The best range of equipment for arc and flame welding, brazing, soldering and cutting
  • Equipment and consumables for stud welding
  • Heat treatment: Induction heating for Preheat and Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT)
  • Pentrant liquids and magnetic particles for inspection and control of quality of weldments.


  • Consultancy and advising about welding processes and procedures to weld all materials for different applications in the metal industry.
  • Suggestions to improve actual processes and saving of Time and Costs
  • Repairing, Maintenance and Service of equipment in our shop of in the field
  • Training and qualification of welders in newer welding techniques to improve results
  • Education and certification of welding inspectors according the AWS (American Welding Society) program of CWI
  • Approvals of welding procedures and preparation of registered documents: WPS, PQR and WPQ.

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