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 We are guided by:

  • Passion for our work and its results helping our partners and customers being successful.
  • Knowledge of Metals behavior, metallic construction and viability of projects and companies. Knowledge is never complete. We must continuously learn from our experience and other’s.
  • Our experience from decades and our dedication to the welding world leader company: Lincoln Electric and our beloved customers.
  • Desire of improvement in all life aspects: private and professional.
  • Honesty and Responsibility with ourselves and with our customers.


  • Our customers benefit from what we can supply: highest quality products and service to help them to improve their  quality and competitivity on their own products.  
  • Our employees develop a profession that dignifies their lives.
  • People coming to this profession and to our company can find a present and a future.



We are convinced that, even in our Global situation each person has a place and an opportunity for a life with dignity. That everyone cooperates with society and obtains from it and as a fruit of their effort  Proudness and Satisfaction.  

Each continent, country and town has unique characteristics, valuable and precious for the rest of the World.

Metal Industry in Europe and Spain has some added values as technology, tradition, Knowledge and experience that can help others. We must continue developing these values to keep life opportunities.

SOLYSOL’s MISSION is to contribute with metallic construction companies to recognize their values, develop them, by introducing the newest technologies and recuperating traditional ones in order to improve their productions assuring the future.

SOLYSOL’s specialty: WELDING. Our challenge, teaching by practicing, the optimal way of producing a welded product. Our customer: companies and welders that wish to be professionally prepared to improve their present and future.

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