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A Team of people ready and prepared to assist you and deliver the Products and Services of Best Quality and Warranty


Download the public biographies of the advisors of our company :

Public Biography


C/ Río Tajo, Nave 1

45530 Santa Olalla (Toledo)

Tfno. (+34) 925 797 688

Fax. (+34) 925 797 064

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Managing Direction, Certification and Consultant:

Ángela Lázarowelding engineer inspector educator

Metallurgical Engineer / Welding Engineer / Welding Educator / Welding Inspector

EWF: International Welding Engineer (IWE) - Welding Inspector, Level 3 (ICS)

AWS: Certified Welding Educator (CWE) - Senior Certified Welding Inspector (SCWI)

Approved Welder - Welders Trainer for Approvals       Tph. (+34) 672 063 303  


Product & Quality Manager

    Tfno. (+34) 672 239 818






Sales Technical Advisor:

Antonio Torres          Tph. (+34) 615 194 779Antonio Torres





Sales Technical Advisor:

 Francisco Gamero          Tph. (+34) 625 376 665




Sales Technical Advisor & Welding Instructor:

Jesús Moya     (+34) 622 823 225





  Customer Service

Maribel Martín

Maribel has long experience on caring to attend customers in the welding field. No matter where you are working, she will not leave you without the products and services you need to finish the job.


mmartin@so     Tph. (+34) 925 797 688 


Mª José Lázaro

It is not easy reminding customers to meet their payment commitments. It is a great responsibility to get payments on time, in order to also keep payment comm

itments with suppliers and partners. This is the only way to secure a future for the company and also to assure our best service capabilities to our customers.

administració           Tph. (+34) 925 797 688

  Welding Demostrator & Instructor:

Fernando Sanchez Deza 

Tph. (+34) 629 123 291

 Quality welding starts on the hands and eyes of a good pro. Teaching the new welders generations the best practices to achieve sound welds with all welding processes is one of our missions in Solysol

 Equipment Field Service:

      Jonatan Elvira                                                                                                                                          Sergio Moreno


     The Doctors

 of welding equipment need to figure out what is causing failure and solve the problems as soon as pos

sible to keep it working. This needs to be an effective and reduced cost  job. Please indicate the symptoms you see when the equipment fails in order to help us repairing it with the best treatment.

 Tph. (+34) 672 381 335         /                 +(34) 638 660 653 







 Orders and Shipment:


Servicing our customers: OUR PRIORITY 


Roberto Toledano 

Deliveries        Tph. +(34) 691 485 084



Jesús Rodríguez 

Tph. +(34) 925 797 688


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