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We are Welding Experts 

 Some of the companies working with the highest standards of quality trust our

advise, training and products

to fabricate their welded components and meet their customers specifications as well as to produce competitive  jobs. 





The Best Welding Technology to achieve PRODUCTIVITY, QUALITY AND   COMwelding pipe with sttPETITIVITY

Root Welds in Pressure Vessels and Pipes with STT Technology  

Field welding with INNERSHIELD (Self Shielded Tubular Wire - does not need gas)

beam field welding innershield without gas



 orbital pipe welding

3g welder approval qualificationOrbital Welding Equipment to weld pipeline  


Welders Approvals with Lincoln Welding Equipment and Consumables




Stainless Steel Tank and Vessels welding with STT Technology stainless steel tank stt welding








fcaw welder training approval qualificationfield welders welding approval qualification


Training and Approval of Welders and Welding Procedures in Field Jobs 







Storage Tanks and NGL 9% Nickel for criogenic applications welded with

SAW (Submerged Arc) Mechanized Process  

 beam welding line saw sub arc



 Beam Welding Line. Welding avoiding previous tacking. Deformation control.  


Post-Forming at the end of the weld to get totally flat flange after weldingflat flanges and straight webs.




one side welding modified series arc saw sub arc Automatic Instalation to weld plates on one side

Avoid welding on the other side

Totally flat welded plates

No previous tacking

Flat plates up to 40 mm thickness  

(click on the picture to obtain further information

of the full process or even see an installation working) flat plate after one side welding


Induction Heat Treatment: 
Preheating, Socking, Des-Hydrogening and Post Weld Heat Treatment (PHWT)

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